Monday, September 16, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Did anyone else get all excited seeing Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilts pop up all over the net, jump on the bandwagon and then lose steam?  Anyone else out there with a whole bunch of these blocks growing dusty next to your sewing machine?  Just me?  Everyone else finished theirs like, a year ago?  hmm.... that's embarrassing.  Oh well.  It's time I finished this trip.   

I've seen so many pretty Scrappy Trip Around the World (from here on out referred to as STATW) quilts and just can't decide how I want to put it all together. 

The traditional route: 

Or this one, which I think has been the most popular lately:

A little bit different: 


 Or zig zags:  (This version is inspired by a quilt is nice. )

Which would you pick? 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Return of the Polkadot Quilter

Anyone out there? 

I've been away from this blog for about two years and a half years and I'm ready to return. 

Here's where I've been in a nutshell:

These four kiddos (and their Daddy) are my life.  They keep me running from sun up to sun down.   And sometimes from sun down to sun up.    I think I had just had #3 when I last blogged.  And then #4 came along and well, that's where I've been. 
After a few years of changing diapers almost non-stop, (You think I'm being overly dramatic?  Maybe just a tad.) I'm ready to flex my creative muscles again. 
I did squeeze in a little bit of quality time with my sewing machine here and there,  but actually taking the time to take pictures, and then sit down and blog was just more than this non-super mom could do. 
So, I've got a little catching up to do.  And then I can move on and try to keep up with this little craft journal/blog of mine.