Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hello. My name is Erica and I'm a blog-aholic. And also a quilt-aholic. I've been a quilt blog-lurker for several months now and decided it was about time to start one of my own.
I am a stay at home mom with a three year old and a 14 month old. I love it. But when they get too crazy and I think I'm about to completely lose it, I pull out my fabric stash. As a good quilting friend once put it, I 'quilt for my sanity.'

So maybe this blog will just be another outlet for me to express my quilt obession and no one else in the world will care to read it.

Or maybe I'll make a few blog friends and can get some input and inspiration via the world wide web.

Or maybe one day I'll be a rich and famous quilter who inspires other quilt-aholics, Oprah will call me up and want to do a special on me and my quilts, my quilts will hang in national museums, I'll author several quilt books and will be featured on the cover of Vogue, wrapped in quilts of my creation.

Um, I'm partly dreaming, mostly just being ridiculous. I have no desire to ever go on Oprah. Or apear on Vogue.

So here goes. My very own quilt blog.

And the name? Well, I didn't know what to put. But I like polka dots. Polka Dots on anything. But most especially polka dot fabric and quilts. So Polka Dot Quilts it is.