Friday, July 31, 2009

Almost ready for a picnic

Thank you to those who commented on this quilt. It was unanimous (and I'm so glad because that's what I was voting for too!). Sashing won. The white and the colored posts really make a big difference in this quilt.
Sorry about the sort of fuzzy haze on this picture. It is so incredibly humid today that my camera kept fogging up.
This isn't a very big quilt. Just the right size for a table cloth or a picnic blanket.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fitness Inspiration

I went to the library this week with high aspirations. Time to whip my flab into shape! Any pilates fans out there?
This one even inspired me to start getting up and running in the mornings. Me, a runner? It might be possible.

And this one.... well, this one is motivation too.

Where do you find motivation to get in shape?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Picnic

I cleaned our bathroom this morning so I deserve a little quilty fun this afternoon.

After all the pee I cleaned off the outside of the toilet and around the floor I'm really tempted to install a urinal. Do you think that would help things? [ In all fairness to my husband I think the real culprit is my 4 your old son. sigh. When will I be done potty training this child?! ]

So, anyway, I started a new summer project. I haven't been able to buy very much fabric this past year, but fortunately I've been collecting fruity fabrics in my favorite colors- blue, red, yellow and green for a few years now. I've been collecting them so slowly that even though some of these are SEVERAL years old this is really the first time that I've gotten them all out together and tried to come up with a quilt to use them in.

I LOVE THESE FABRICS! They are mostly old American Jane prints. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how much I love American Jane/ Sandy Klop. There are a few other fabrics thrown in including a few thirties and one wonderful Anna Griffin cherry print. They are all so summery and look like they are ready for a picnic!

But, as you can see, I can't decide exactly how to arrange them. I'm leaning more towards one of these scenarios but I want to hear some more opinions. What do you think? Which setting do you like more?
Did anyone keep reading after my disgusting account of toilet cleaning? Sorry if that was too much.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well, it seems that the laziness of summer is keeping me from posting very often. Or, um, ever.

I had a great quilty day on Saturday though, that I want to post about.

My sister invited me to attend an Interfaith Quilting Bee hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Kingwood, TX. I think this was the event's 9th year and I was impressed by the attendance and the different groups they donate quilts too.

My sister made two baby quilts and I made one lap size/ small twin sized quilt. We sat and tied them, talked and enjoyed seeing all the other quilts on display and being donated.

I left feeling very inspired to share my talent with others. I felt very inspired after Hurricane Ike last year to make donation quilts but didn't really get busy and follow through with that commitment. I started one quilt that has now been sitting half finished in a drawer for atleast 6 months.

However, at this event a few of the groups recieving the quilts spoke about what good the quilts do and how they are used. One of the speakers was from a Pro-Life Pregnancy Center and another from a County Child Protective Services Center. Hearing first hand how donated quilts bless those in need fired me up again to get busy.

Here is a horribly fuzzy picture of me and my sister and our donation quilts.
The quilt I made wasn't my usual style or really even my taste but I felt good about using up what I had for a good cause.

My intent here isn't to brag but really rather to share my inspiration. Over 350 quilts were donated on Saturday. That's amazing isn't it?! I'm excited to have stumbled upon this opportunity to help others in my own community.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Real Life

Hello! We're back from California. We made it from the Oakland/Bay Area back to Houston in 3 days with 2 kiddos in the back seat.

Would you judge me a horrible mother if I said that now I'd like to have a nice quiet vacation sans kids? 3 days (sun up til sun down) in the car with them just about drove me crazy.

Really we had a great time. Disneyland was tons of fun. The grandparents were doting. The scenery was awe inspiring.

And now I'm actually a little bit excited to get back to reality. Here's the really crazy part: I was excited to clean my house this morning. And I'm really excited to cook meals for my family this week! No more hamburgers for a while please!

And now, where did I leave my sewing machine?

I've been thinking of green and yellow. Something late summery... I can't wait!