Saturday, August 30, 2008

new interests and a new skill

i've been very un-quilty lately. i don't really know why. maybe i've contracted the hot weather summertime blues? frazzled mom syndrome? or just laziness? i just haven't felt much like pulling out the sewing machine lately.

to amuse myself these days I sit here and surf blogs. or i lounge on the couch and browse through home decor magazines. in fact, my brain has been almost completely switched over to the home decor mode rather than the quilty mode. i've realized that over the past year my addiction to fat quarters has changed to an addiction to plates. i love going to marshall's, ross, tjmaxx or tuesday morning and searching for some ceramic treasure. look how cute these are! they will soon find a place on my kitchen wall.

hopefully all this thinking about home decor will help me out in that arena. that is definitely not a talent of mine. an interest but not a talent.
today i decided it was time to learn a new skill. i've been after my hubbie to hang some hooks in the laundry room for awhile. he said he'd do it this afternoon. well, while he was in the shower i decided that i didn't really couldn't stand to wait any longer, and it was time to have it done. i got out his drill and figured out how it worked. i'm quite proud of myself! For seven years of marriage I've always left all the drilling up to him. Today I've liberated myself. No more waiting for him to do my drilling projects for me. I now have this nice place to hang purses, bags etc. (Please overlook the scuff marks my ironing board left on the wall.)

Does this mean that after 7 years I should also learn how to use the lawn mower? Ha! No.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

and something else i found from sewtakeahike - a fun quiz!

You Belong in 1956

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

Friday, August 15, 2008

How lucky am I?! Penny over at Sewtakeahike sent me this pretty scarf. (photo courtesy Penny)
Look at how pretty those crocheted flowers are. I am absolutley in love with them. They'd be cute on anything. Wouldn't they be cute as a lapel pin or on a purse? Or just anywhere?
And Penny and I both agree that orange is the color of the moment. Its so cheerful and fresh. It adds just the right spark to cheer up a room, a quilt or an outfit. Much like red, but it has been so often overlooked that it feels so fresh and exciting to me now.
This is really a cool pattern for a scarf.
Thanks so much, Penny! You are one cool gal.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My crafitness has really slowed down lately. Little Girlie has decided that she doesn't like the sewing machine. I'm pretty sure it's jealousy. Everytime I rev it up she squawks. Even if she's distracted by her favorite Mickey Mouse cartoons, she will still poke her head up over the couch and yell at me. Don't let that charming smile fool you. She has a temper! But of course I love her, and she's more important than my quilting so she wins.
We survived my brothers wedding last week. I say survived because since he's been living with us this summer, we got to experience all the last minute stress and jitters that accompanies the bride and groom. The wedding was wonderful. Afterward we took pictures in the hot, humid Houston heat. The kids had fun running around, looking for shade and putting their hands in a fountain to keep cool. Here you can see toddling Little Girlie picking flowers with her Bubba in the background running around with his cousins.