Wednesday, February 25, 2009

been reading

I've been reliving my young girlhood lately through young adult fiction.

I find it much better than the depressing, political, voilent or immoral stuff written for adults. If I'm going to read I want to be uplifted or transported somewhere beautiful and full of hope and promise. Not instructed on the ugliness and immorality of the world.

Ok, enough soapbox. On to what I've been reading...

First I read Ella Enchanted. I have not seen the movie. Is it good? The book was very fun. I like Cinderella stories. I like any book that takes a traditional story and fills me in on the details that might have been left out of the original telling.

[Speaking of Cinderella stories, I liked this one better than Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, although that good too. This one still has magic.]

And now I'm reading Anne of Green Gables. I am a HUGE Anne of Green Gables fan. I have been ever since it was first aired on PBS when I was Anne's age. I defy any woman to tell me they don't love Anne of Green Gables. How can you not love all the innocent, beautiful, romanticism in this book? And how can you not love, Gilbert?! Tell me that!

The only thing I've found that Anne and I disagree on is the fact that she doesn't think there is any "scope for imagination in patchwork." I'm afraid that might be a sign of immaturity. :)

But um, here's my confesssion. Although I've been a long time fan of Anne of Green Gables, can quote her, compared my beaus to Gilbert, and just generally wished I was more Anne-like, this is my first time reading the books!

So there hasn't been much sewing going on around here lately. I'm too busy remembering all my young girl dreams and fantasies as I dive into young adult fiction.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scrappy Mosaic

My Scrappy Mosaic Squares quilt is almost done! I just have to put on the borders and quilt it! I really don't think this picture does it justice. I'm just bursting at the seams with happiness for how this turned out.

Why do I love this quilt?

1. It's scrappy- beautiful and fun to look at. I could stare at it for hours.
2. Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Green- my favorites.
3. My sister and I have both been making the same quilt pattern. Her mosaic top is almost done too.
4. It's Scrappy- Cheap!
5. Lots of pieces. Yes, I love lots of piecing. I drive myself absolutely crazy most of the time. But in the end its what I love.
6. This was so fun to make because there were endless possibilites for patterns within the 7 x7 squares block.

I got the idea from Nanette (isn't hers just gorgeous?!) and found the pattern at the McCalls quilting website.

Today, as I was finishing, and then watching my sister lay her blocks out on the floor, we pointed out which block we'd exchanged. (I made one for her quilt and she made one for mine.)

As a regular quilt exchange participant, I thought how this block would be a very fun one for a block exchange. There is so much room for creativity with this pattern.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dia de 30

Thanks for indulging my little blog pity party and leaving sweet comments for my birthday.

This birthday was a little hard psychologically but I really had a great day.

I cleaned house because I wanted to (which makes a huge difference!), sewed, chatted all afternoon with my sister (who has already passed 30), ate the most beautiful and delicious chocolate cake made by said sister, played Ticket to Ride with hubbie, my sister and her hubbie, and then topped the day off with a very fun episode of Psych, my current favorite tv show.

And now that the Dia de 30 is over, I'm not stressing about that number anymore and life is grand.

(I don't really speak Espanol. Had you going there, didn't I?)

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

It's my birthday. Not only that, but its a big one involving a 3 and a 0. ugh.

I'm simultaneously mourning and celebrating by having my sister over and sewing all afternoon.

I think that will help me feel better.

If not then its all up to the chocolate cake to get me through today.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Floods, Quilts and Awards

A week and a half ago our pipes decided they'd had enough of the tree roots that were trying to invade out front. So one evening after hubbie had showered and I'd started the dishwasher, our downstairs bathroom, and subsequently much of the downstairs, flooded. What a mess!

Here's what I learned:
1. A wet/dry vac is a beautiful thing.
2. I can vacuum up 55 galloons of water all by myself (hubbie wasn't home when this was discovered).
3. All the homeowners insurance money we've been paying Allstate hasn't been in vain. They've done right by us.
4. What is a horrible mess for adults is an exciting adventure for kids. See below.
5. Modern Plumbing is such a wonderful, heaven-sent blessing!

So since our house has been a shambles and despite the fact that my son has loved seeing the carpet ripped out and several sets of workers come and go, I decided to leave my poor hubbie at home to deal with it all and take the kids up to my mom's for 5 days. Cute little barefeet and our disaster area of a home aren't a good mix.

We're back now and we still have about a week before new carpet is installed, but we've survived the worst, I think.

As always, being at my mom's house involved quilting. I've completed my Improv Quilt Project quilt top. I'll show more pictures soon. Here's a sneak peek.

I also wanted to thank Elizabeth and Anna for their sweet bloggie awards.

These two lovely friends of mine are both great bloggers. They have cute blogs, update them regularly and are always showing cute things. I'm honored that they would pass an award on to me.

I'm gonna openly admit that I'm a lazy blogger. I only blog when I feel like it. I'm slow to respond to emails. I blog for purely selfish reasons. And I'm not good about those meme things (what does meme mean?) or awards.

I know I'm supposed to pass these awards on but that sounds like work. And since it is Sunday today, I better not do it. (What with trying to Keep the Sabbath Holy and all.)

But if you read my blog and have ever commented before, I have most likely clicked on your profile and checked out your blog. And then two seconds later, added you to my bloglines list. Now I read your blog and know all about you. Commenting on here is a real commitment, didn't you know?

So if, like I said, you have ever commented on my blog, then I consider you a bloggie friend and you should consider yourself awarded with these prestigious awards. I'll be checking your blogs soon to read your acceptance speeches.

WOW! I guess I had a lot to say today.