Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quilt Exchanges

With so much talk on here about my beloved Loch Lomond Quilt Group I thought I should do one post with all the group exchange quilts we've had so far. So here goes.

Our first exchange (2004): Shoofly. For this one we exchanged fabric cut but not assembled. There were no requirements for the fabric except that we provided enough colorful and white fabric to make 4 shoofly blocks. Some people's fabric all matched and some people's fabric was completely scrappy. The combination made this fun. This was one of my first quilts. Its very primitive in its construction and quilting. But I love it. The fabric I chose for this one is the purple in the 2nd row 3rd column. This was the first time I'd bought 30's fabric and I've been hooked ever since. Everyone assembled their blocks however they chose.

2nd exchange (2006): House Blocks. This time everyone sewed together their own blocks before exchanging. We gave everyone the house pattern and let them choose whatever colors they wanted. Everyone was supposed to have yellow windows though, as one unifying element. I LOVE how this turned out. The greens, cream and yellow I used for the sashing, stars and fence were all from my stash and it made me so happy to be able to use them up in such a pleasing way. The dark green is from my son's nursery curtains and crib skirt. Again, everyone assembled their quilts however they wanted.

3rd exchange (2007): Brown fabric. For this exchange we got together and decided upon one fabric that we all liked. From there we could choose any block we wanted as long as it coordinated with the brown fabric (in my border) that we'd chosen. This exchange gave everyone a lot of creativity to choose their fabrics and their pattern. And again, everyone assembled their exchanged blocks however they wanted to. I probably would never have picked out the brown fabric on my own but I love it and how this quilt turned out.

4th exchange (2007): 9 patch. This time everyone had to make 6 inch civil war reproduction 9 patches to trade. We drew for colors and then chose our own fabrics. I let these sit around for about a year not knowing how I wanted to put them together but I've finally gotten the top finished (just this past week) and am excited about it.

5th exchange (2008): Praire Paisley. Patriotic Star Blocks we just exchanged and I showed on my last post.

And there is already talk of another exchange! :)


Kristin Barrus said...

I love it! I forgot what your shoofly looked like - so fun. I hope you've got quilts displayed all over your house.

ElizabethandJeff said...

I love the 9 patch. Now I wish I did that one too.

dot said...

These are all very nice quilts.

AmyF said...


It's so fun to see what you're up to! I love the quilt exchange run down. They're all so pretty. I love your shoofly, which I don't think I have seen, and I have been enamored with your brown quilt since I first saw it. I love the almost-nine patches that you used in between our blocks. It makes such a great quilt.

You're great, and so prolific! I'm really impressed and it's fun to visit your blog!



Sunny said...

Wow! I love all those quilts! Exchanges sure look fun.

Julia said...

How fun!!!!!! I love the setting you choose for your 9 patches. I am going to see if I can get a few quilter friends to do an exchange like these. Such beautiful quilts and wonderful friendships all stitched together.