Friday, May 22, 2009

Cherry Ruffles

I've been in the sewing mood lately. Not exactly the quilting mood but in the mood to sew other things. My sweet little girlie has been in need of some summer clothes so I headed off to the fabric store.

Enter Simplicity 5695 and some cute cherry fabric.

I am very pleased with how this dress turned out. I love that fabric. And the gathered tiers. And the little red bow.

Its a teeny bit big still but that's nothing a few months won't fix.

One of my frustrations when making clothing is that I have a hard time looking at the picture on the pattern and then translating that into real life on my body (or on my child's body) with different fabric. But this time around I discovered another joy of the internet: googling the pattern.

Here's what I found when I googled this great pattern:
(I'm a big fan of v& co.)

the one that made me pick the cherry fabric:

and how cute and creative is this?! :

Wow! While putting this blog post together I just noticed that Amazing Mae has an adult ruffled tiered skirt. I think I need one too!


V and Co. said...

thanks for the link! ;)

Paula said...

I love this Erica and I can just picture your little cutie pie in it. You are amazing.

traci said...

Thanks for linking back to me. That Simplicity pattern is my go to for most dresses for my daugther. I usually make the view with the single ruffle on the bottom and sometimes leave it out to make it more of a little simple peasant dress. I LOVE that cherry fabric. So cute.

Jeff, Elizabeth, Caleb and Jake said...

I can't wait until Olivia can fit into clothes! Actually, I can because then she won't be little tiny anymore, but you know what I mean! This dress is so cute. I love the cherries.

AnnieO said...

Simplicity patterns have always been great. I made lots of clothes for my two girls when they were little, all the way up to dresses for cotillion and high school dances. I have saved nearly all in a big box. Someday I plan to make lots more sweet little dresses like this for a granddaughter. But I can wait! Thanks for sharing.

Elisa said...

Cute Erica, I love it. You know my feelings on cherries. Good sewing!

Quilty Conscience said...

What a sweet little dress!