Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Boy Blue Baby Quilt

This quilt is old news around here.  My baby that this was made for turned two last Monday.  I have decided that for me, the simpler, the better for baby quilts.  This is one of my favorites and it is so simple!  About 10 different blue fabrics + one yellow fabric to make things interesting + white + one block (equilateral triangles in this case) = the perfect baby boy quilt. 
 That's my third little munchkin peeking at the camera up there.  She loves to help. 
 I was worried that the backing and binding (a teeny blue gingham) were going to be too boring, but once it was on I loved it for a baby quilt.  The front is the star of the show. 

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Megan Smith said...

Erica, oh my goodness, your quilts are beautiful!! I've had so much fun seeing what you've done. I could never do this. I did one picture play quilt and it took me 7 years to complete it (I'm not joking) -- that was my "sign" to go other directions ;)--I'm glad there are others with more diligence and patience to create like this!!