Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Out of Control

Alright, I've just got to admit it. I got a little out of control this summer. I'm involved in three exchanges/challenges. And while that number isn't really very high, I think that might be one too many.

I blame it on the blog. I was so excited to see what others were doing out in blogworld, and was so inspired by other's greatness that I kept starting new projects. That in itself isn't so bad. I've made my peace with my tendancy to juggle a gazillion projects at once. I like it that way. It makines life interesting . But then every other blog I visited was hosting some kind of fun challenge and I got caught up in all the blog hype. I wanted to join all the other "cool" quilters out there and try to be like them in some small way by joining in on their fun challenges. The only problem is, I'm not good with multiple deadlines.

I could get them done but then my children, my husband, the housekeeping and worst of all, my sanity might suffer. I pulled all nighters in college to finish papers. I pulled almost all nighters when my babies were brand new or when they are sick. But all nighters for a quilt blog challenge? Sorry, folks, ain't gonna happen.

The deadline for the two color challenge is coming up in about two and a half weeks. And I'm so sorry, but that one isn't going to be done.

And then the Scrappy Mosaic Quilt is supposed to be done sometime in August. And uh, that one probably won't be complete either.

I've got a block exchange with my old girl friends from Utah at the beginning of September and that one absolutely has to be done. It will.

Anyway, I really don't think you bloggers will care if I get my quilts completed or not. Do you? I mean, I'm gonna get them done, just probably not in the next month.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Erica! I'm so sorry you are stressed. I know how you feel. Feeling overwhelmed is hard on the whole family. It reminds me of how I feel after coming out of Relief Society sometimes! When I had young children I could never have kept pace withmyself now. Compete only with your self and enjoy the inspiration of others. You're getting a good handle on it. Please don't feel pressured. Thats not the purpose and it is supposed to be fun or a stress relief not stress maker.

Jacquie said...

I signed up for my first swap in May and didn't resign up in June. While it was enjoyable, the deadline thing (I don't like to be late) felt a bit weird. I like my craft time to be mine. Maybe that's selfish...i guess it is. Like Nanette said, it shouldn't be about pressure, it should be about you're own good time.

ElizabethandJeff said...

Erica- All these things are just for fun. I felt that way too with just the block exchange and the scrap quilt..... that's why I did baby size. Don't worry about not finishing in time. You have some great starts and you will eventually finish them.

Julie said...

Take care of you. Take care of your kids and husband. The quilts will wait happily in whatever state they are in and be happy when you come back to work on them.

Kathie said...

don't stress out about these quilts getting done on time
Your quilting time should be a happy time not about deadlines or it will take the fun out of it.
Finish the quilts when you can and on your own schedule.
enjoy your family.

Carin said...

Don't stress some things in life are more important than swaps

Andrea - Under a Blue Moon said...

Oh thank goodness someone else isn't going to make the two-color quilt challenge. I told Nicole I was pretty sure she told me it was August 1, 200NINE for the deadline.....

All this is supposed to be fun so no stressing about it - that's my motto.

And I'm pretty sure there is a saying out there - something along the lines of true art not having a due date. That's my other motto.

Nicole said...

Erica, it is supposed to be FUN, don't you know? When it starts stressing you out, you know the fun part is over! Don't you worry about not finishing these challenges. My gosh, at the beginning of the summer I had about 20 UFOs staring at me in my sewing room. I managed to get some of them done, but what the heck, I may never finish the others! Now that I am starting work full time next week, who knows when I will finish another thing!

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