Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few happy things

Some of my favorite things from the last few weeks:


Where have I been? I hadn't even heard about this movie! My hubbie surprised me and got this from Redbox last weekend thinking I would like it. It is chocked full of cuteness. I watched it twice in two days and am thinking its one I would like to own, especially since I have a little girl to share it with as she gets older.

One of my favorite things about the movie was seeing all the adorable little girl dresses and hats from the time period.

#2 My quilt wall

My long planned quilt wall is ready for display! I decided to go the easy curtain rod route. I got one that will accomidate both rings for short term displays and sewn on pockets for quilts up longer. As you can see from the picture, the rod is quite long so I can put up some of my bigger quilts. And the rod is unobtrusive enough to not bother me with a quilt of this size. I LOVE the color and character that a quilt on the wall adds to our family room. My sister, when she came over, remarked how much of a difference it makes in this space. Thanks for all of you that commented on how to execute this. Oh, and I did this all by myself! If you remember, I learned how to use the power drill a little while back and used my new skills to finish this project!

#3 Prejudiced No More!

I have to admit that I was reluctant to love this movie when I first saw it. I just didn't think a 2 hour movie could do justice to my absolute favorite love story. I love the Colin Firth version. Mostly because of Colin Firth, I think. But anyway, I just didn't think I could enjoy Keira Knightly's fast paced attempt to recreate the classic Pride and Prejudice.

After watching this movie once, I agreed that it was well done. I liked the more realistic sets and feel of this movie. But I still couldn't let go of my beloved BBC, Colin Firth infused, Pride and Prejudice.

Hmmm.. I guess you could say I was a little prejudiced against this new movie.

Fast forward to now. I watched this movie for the second time last week and boy, oh boy! My prejudices are all gone. This is such a beautiful movie. The love scenes are beautiful. The script is perfectly eloquent. The real emotions are appreciated. This is my new favorite movie.

#4 Quilts appreciated

What is that jumbled mess, you ask? Well, let me tell you. This is a picture of my quilts being appreciated, yet again by my kiddos. They love making tents in the family room. And what is better for that than a couple of large, homemade quilts? I love it when my work is appreciated.


rachel griffith said...

oh i LOVE your wall quilt.
is that a rich choclate used as the setting blocks???
looks perfect.

and i love the newer pride and prejudice. i had second thoughts before i watched it, because of keira, but i fell in love with it too.

how cute that your kiddies make tents.

Trisha said...

Great post! My kids just watched Kit Kittredge for the first time yesterday. I guess I should have watched it with them before I sent it back to Netflix. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite movie too! I have always loved the Colin Firth one too but I have come to love the Keira Knightly version as well. All your quilts are so pretty! Love the one on the wall as well as the ones your kids are playing with!

Eileen said...

I remember puting a blanket over top of a card table and making a "house" when we were kids. And my kids would make whole apartments with the chairs and blankets. Some things never change.
Lovely quilt wall! You can change the look of the room with the change of a quilt. :-) Terrific thing to be able to do.

Anna M. said...

I loved tht Pride and Prejudice movie too...one of my favorite books, as well. Great job on the wall quilt set-up...looks great! =)

jacquie said...

love your quilt wall. i have one in my living room too and it makes the room...as does yours!

Julia said...

Your wall quilt looks fantastic! I think that you will be very happy with the way that your chose to hang it! Very versatile.

Thanks for the review on Kit Kittredge. I will be renting it now.

Kristin Barrus said...

I think a quilt on the wall changes the energy in a room for sure. Maybe that's why I've gone overboard on our walls. Looks great! And fun to see you're "using" your quilts too - they shouldn't be untouched.

Paula said...

Love your quilt wall too. And I rushed right out and rented the Kit Kittredge movie too. Now I just need to find time to watch it. Still not sure I like the newer Pride and Prejudice, but maybe I just need to watch it again.