Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Houston Quilt Fest

One of the perks of living in Houston, is the ability to go to the Houston Quilt Festival each fall. For the second year in a row, my mom came down to spend a quilty day at the festival with me. And this year my sister joined us also. Our little threesome walked and walked and oohed and aahed all day long. We saw all the booths and spent more pennies than I like to count. I spent less than last year, though so I feel like I didn't get too carried away.
Here are a few pics of my loot:

I got this Texas map hankie panel to make a quilt. The booth I got this from had it made up with bluebonnet fabric as a border and that's what I intend to do as well. I love this panel because 1) I'm a Texan 2) I love all things vintage looking and 3) We love maps in our family. My husband is a Geographer so its perfect for us.

I also fell in love with this Santa fabric from Judie Rothermel. I bought it for a vintage Christmas quilt but wouldn't this be adorable as Christmas pjs? I love these cheerful, chubby Santas!

I also bought some Hobbs batting at a great price, a little kit of fabric for an applique pattern I bought last year(so I can learn to hand applique someday) and these fat quarters. I've got several blue quilts planned so I NEEDED to keep an eye out for more blue. That's how it goes with quilt shopping, isn't it? You see something, love it and suddenly NEED it.

I saw Alex Anderson. She has such a nice look about her.

I realized as I was handing the money over for my Santa fabric that I was buying it from THE acutal Judie Rothermel (and her hubbie who was there running the booth). I LOVE all her reproduction stuff.

I probably saw several other 'famous' quilters and didn't realize it.

Makes me get all warm and fuzzy to have these little brushes with greatness. :)

Best of all, I was enjoying spending such a fun and inspiring day with my favorite ladies, my mom and sister. It is so much fun to share a hobby and a passion and its especially fun that I can share that with them.


Julia said...

How special to spend the day with them. Wow, Judie Rothermel, she is one of my absolute favorite designers. I will try not to be jealous, just excited and happy for you, your Mom and your Sis! That Santa fabric is pretty cute!!!

Paula said...

Sounds like a fun day. But I have to know if you saw Shelli Gardner of Stampin Up! fame. When I heard that she had been there for a magazine launch/signing, I immediately wondered if you saw her there. (Can you tell I am not a quilter, but a stamper?)

AmyF said...

Fun, Erica! Thanks for sharing. Your Texas fabric is so darn cute. I have some similar to it, but with several states. I'll have to send you a pic sometime. I can think of nothing better: a day at quilt market with my mom and sister. Congrats!! :)

ElizabethandJeff said...

I'm jealous. I love those Santas. Can you buy stuff that's not on the market yet? Like could you buy turnovers or fabric that will come out in December or whenever in the future?

Vivian Love said...

You are so lucky to be able to go the big quilt festival. BTW I love the Joseph Smith quilt. That turned out lovely! Thanks for sharing.

jacquie said...

lucky you! maybe next year you can have a giant sleepover and invite all of us!

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Love to come with you next time

The Great Moldini said...

Girl! That Texas fabric is super fabulous! I have googled every fabric site online and can't find it. Do you know the name of the booth, or manufactorer or anything? I know this was years ago but I MUST have some!!! Very sweet blog, by the way :)

erica e said...

I'm so sorry but I can't help you track down more of the Texas fabric! I don't remember the name of the booth. I was at the festival last week and saw a booth that looked similiar (with hankies and such) so they are probably still around but I can't help you any more than that! Good luck!