Wednesday, June 10, 2009

on the road

We're going on vacation for 3 weeks to California! We're escaping the Houston heat and humidity and hoping to find a little respite in Cali. (yes, right? somewhere? please?)

So here's the hard part:
We're driving. With two little ones.
And we have to cross some ugly territory (Sorry, New Mexico and Arizona. And Western Texas.)
Thank goodness for DVD players. And candy. For me and for them.

And here are the great parts:
The Ocean.
Family Togetherness.

It really is gonna be great. I'm excited!

And here's where you, bloggy friends, come into the picture:
I want to know where you would go if you were in Santa Barbara, Oakland, San Fran, or the Monterry Area.

Of course I'm asking about QUILT STORES, but also restaurants and fun places to take kiddos (ages 2 and 4).
And um, if you live anywhere along I-10 in Arizona, New Mex or Western Texas and want to stick up for your beloved home, please let me know what's to love where you live! Make me eat my words here!


Nedra said...

I was raised in the Bay Area and my favorite place to take the kids besides the beach (they could spend every day there) was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Have fun!

AnnieO said...

Santa Barbara is just north of where I live and has a great, small zoo right next to the ocean. There is a quilt shop in Goleta, closer to the airport, but I haven't been to that one. About 10-15 miles south, in Carpinteria, is a great little quilt shop called "The Treasure Chest". They have a website and Carp is a great little beach town with charming shops and lovely beaches.

~Michelle~ said...

the weather has been wonderful in SoCal, so I would assume it's been great further north! By Santa Barbara is a little Dutch town called Solvang - it's fun to walk around & shop. Reasonably close is horseback riding - ride in the mountains next to Reagan's ranch. :) Have fun!!!

Cheryl said...

Treasure Chest definitely in Carpinteria. The Santa Barbara Zoo for the is such a wonderful little zoo. And Pacific Grove (which is next to Monterey) Backporch Quilts....WONDERFUL!

Blakely said...

Have fun! I would love to go to California one day.

Gwendie said...

Take the kids to the beach in Santa Barbara (if you all like beaches). I lived there 35 years ago but Santa Barbara had about the best weather in the country imo. Michelle is right - a visit to Solvang would be fun. They have wonderful pastries. And the zoo, like Cheryl suggested, is a place my kids always liked. I was back 5 years ago and the city has changed a whole lot so that's all I know!

AnnieO said...

Me again. The shop in Carpinteria is called the Treasure HUNT, not the Treasure chest, my bad. It has been pretty cool and foggy here so far this month--we can't seem to get a full day of sun yet, so be sure to bring sweatshirts and sun screen, LOL.

jacquie said...

no help from me except to say...have a ball!

Anna M. said...

Wow...sounds like it will be a fun vacation! Have a safe trip! =)