Monday, August 17, 2009

Halloween Work in Progress

I've been stewing over what sort of Halloween quilt to make for almost a year now. I bought the cutest Halloween fabric with vintage costumed kids on it and have been trying to figure out how I wanted to use it.

Last night I finally got an idea. I decided to go with a basic 9 patch block and then fussy cut the cute costumed kids to sprinkled amongst black and white polka dotted alternating blocks.

I was really excited and stayed up late sewing 9 patches. Its been so much fun to work with colors that I wouldn't otherwise- purple, orange, green and black! With some yellow and aqua thrown in for good measure. And lots of polka dots of course.

Today I sewed some more and then layed everything out to make sure it was all going according to the grand idea in my head.

Enter my husband. In all fairness, I guess I only have myself to blame because I'm the one who asked for his opinion.

Evidently, it doesn't have enough orange. And it isn't Halloweeny enough.

argh. There goes my enthusiasm.

I guess this quilt is going to require more sitting and stewing.

Please pardon the horrible picture. Its not sewn together and its a little bit jumbled but I think you can get the general idea. I think I'll be adding more of the Halloween kiddies.
What do you think?


Nancy said...

I happen to think it is adorable. Not enough orange -- harumpf!

Carin said...

I think its cute, a few more Halloween kids would be good too. I don't think it has to be overwhelmed with orange to be a Halloween quilt.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

A busy halloween border will 'treat this quilt up. It is sweet. It will quilt up nice too.

Jeff, Elizabeth, Caleb and Jake said...

I say leave it like it is! Sometimes I think husbands (especially mine) have a hard time picturing the whole thing put together. I love the Halloween kids. I made a quilt last year using them, but the background is black instead of white.

AnnieO said...

A few more Halloween costumed kids, please. I want to see all of them!

jlk said...

Yes to more Halloween kids! I think it looks very Halloween -- not scary Halloween, but whimsical Halloween.

Paula said...

I had to learn the hard way not to ask James for opinions about my creative projects. This is adorable. Just enough orange to make it Halloween.

Ginger Patches said...

Love that kiddie fabric! I used it to border a quilt last year and I still have a bunch left! I would say yes to adding more. And I think you have plenty of orange and it DOES TO look halloweeny...did he see the kids in costume? lol!!

Kelly O. said...

I actually thought it was quite halloween-y! I really like it!
Some cute candy corn fabric would totally suit as a binding ;)

Lori Holt said...

I like it just the way it is...well I mean finished of course!
x lori

Mickie said...

I think it is adorable. I like that it is unique and I really think the lime green, black and orange do make it halloweeny. Go forward and persevere!!!!