Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage Propellors and a little shopping spree

I've been working on our latest exchange blocks and finally finished this morning. I say finally because making 60 of these little 6 inch suckers just about did me in. I'm so glad to have sewn the last seam and gotten them ready to mail them off.

This will be a really great quilt when its finished. Here's the pattern: Vintage Propellors
Everyone in our group picked different colors for the propeller blades and is using black and white for the centers.
I've also been on a little bit of a fabric shopping binge this summer. I had gone a long time without buying very much fabric. And I just couldn't stand it anymore! I needed some new inspiration in my stash. Fortunately I've run across some great sales this summer and really stocked up!
I love the lollypop trees, the seahorses, the letters, the bright colors, the zigzags ...
the polkadots!... and best of all, all the POSSIBILITES that come with a new stack of fabric!!


Ginger Patches said...

Oh you've got some great fabrics there. I always love polka dots!! Wow 60 of those babies? No wonder you're happy to be done. But how fun when you start getting them in the mail :)

Anonymous said...

Fabrics are really beautiful...

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Carin said...

I think that your quilt will be very striking with all the black and white centers, I can't wait to see what you get back.

LOVE the new fabrics.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

mmmmm love the fabrics. I can almost smell them. Ya know? That new fabric feel and smell when you get them home.

love the blocks, too. this is a fun project.

Mom said...

I like! Can't wait to see what you create from them!