Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thinking Pink

I've been such a blogging slacker lately that I haven't mentioned the fact that I'm pregnant with #3!

[Perhaps I'll just say that's my reason for not blogging. Yep, that's it. ]

In a few more months we'll have another little girlie around here (feel free to leave baby name suggestions, by the way) and I've been thinking pink when it comes to all things creative.

Buying pink fabric

Making girlie quilt tops.
This one is actually for a new niece. I've been saving up rosey, flowery fabric for awhile and since her middle is Rose I thought it would be a good fit. More pictures to come when its quilte. Hopefully they'll be better ones. Good grief to my photography skills!

And this one is for the girls in my family. Big Sister, Little Sister and Me. :)

This is my current favorite quilt and I can't wait to get it finished and ready for two little girls to snuggle under! Its not quite twin size. I'm thinking it'll probably need a companion quilt out of the same colorful scraps. Definitely more pics to come of this one.


jlk said...

Congrats! I love baby girls. They are seriously the greatest. And the third baby? It will be your best one.

Kelly O. said...

congratulations! I'm due with #3 in a month's time!

Jackie said...

I'm loving the strawberry fabric. Do that one!