Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mixed Berries Baby Quilt

This quilt was made after sitting down and playing with my stash one day.  The lime green was new and the blue floral I used for the backing was new.  Everything else was fat quarters saved for a rainy day or leftovers from another project. (specifically this one

This quilt was so fun to make because the colors just made me happy. 

Come to think of it, why would I want to use the little bit of precious time at my sewing machine working on something that looked depressing or drab?  I'm at a point in my life, maybe because I'm heavily influenced by little children all the time, where I want to be surrounded by things that are bright and happy.  Forget somber.  Forget avant guarde (whatever that means.  ha!  or however you spell it!).  I just want fun and happy. 


Tara said...

Very cute!! I prefer cheerful, too!

Kelly O. said...

I love the colours! what a beautiful combo!