Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finished: Scrappy Trip Around the World!

I LOVE this quilt!  This is my quilt of choice for snuggling on the couch right now. 
I posted way back when that I was a late joiner to the Scrappy Trip Around the World craze.  And now, several months later, its finally done!  Better late than never.  And this one was definitely worth the wait.
Scrap quilts are my favorite.  I've said it before and I'll say it many times more.  
I decided to quilt it with an orange peel pattern (inspired by Nettie-  again! and by Camille)  and I LOVE how that turned out.  It was super easy yet looks fancy.  Here's a great tutorial for that quilting technique

This picture below of the main backing fabric shows the orange peel pattern pretty well.  (I don't think I'll ever stop loving illustrations of vintage children.  Adorable!)
 Aqua binding and a scrappy backing.  This was my first time to piece a back.  I've never been in love with that idea before.  But frugality won this time, and I decided to see if I could just use some of the bigger pieces in my stash.  I'm very happy with how it turned out and might have to do it again.   


Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

Oh my goodness, I love love love this quilt! I love scrappy trip around the worlds as it is, and I really love the colors you've chosen here. So cute!!! It would be perfect in my family room, you know, if you wanted to give it away (hahaha!). Love that quilt pattern, too, I'll be using that on my son's next quilt I think.


Carol is Sewbizzy said...

Wonderful quilt....I am also so into scrappy...great job!

Natsu Uaganda said...

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Tara said...

Love the cheerful, bright colors! What projects are you up to these days? :)

Kate Marshall said...

This really is beautiful! I'm yet to make a scrappy trip quilt but whenever I see them done as well as yours I'm inspired to have a go. It's the unpicking that puts me off, but I must get over that and have a go!