Friday, May 9, 2008

The Blog Inspired Gift

Tomorrow I'm going to my cousin's wedding reception. My gift for her is a compilation of ideas from a few different blogs. I know that its not good ettiquette to brag about a gift I'm giving someone, but I was just so excited about bringing together several free ideas from blogworld that I thought it might be post worthy.

Above you'll see:

1. A personalized 9x13 for the happy couple. Can you see their name etched in the bottom? No chance this dish will get lost at a pot luck! I was a little worried about doing the etching but it really was no big deal. Here's the tutorial that got me going:

2. Matching Red, Black and White Potholder. Idea planted in my head by Freda's Hive cute yellow potholders. Mine isn't near as cute as hers.

3. And lastly, I printed out a few FREE, adorable recipe cards from Posy Get's Cosy. I love cookbooks but there is something even more special about tried and true recipes handwritten from someone you know.

Now I've just got to wrap this all up in some cute fashion and it'll be ready to give. I hope she likes to cook.
Thanks again for the Inspiration Blog World!


Bec said...

what a WONDERFUL present!Stunning colours on the potholder, and etching is out of this world!
Well done for compiling these ideas.

dee said...

I'm late to the game in commenting on your purple quilt to be. In a March 19th entry on my blog I began my Lavender Passion quilt with many of the same fabrics that you show. I can't wait to see what you do with yours. My blocks are very simple since I wanted to show off the beautiful fabric I had been collecting for a couple of years. Good luck with yours. Small world.