Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That little color quiz I took the other day really got me thinking about color. I wasn't surprised to learn that I love greens and blues and colors from lush nature scenes.

Blue has long been my decided favorite. I wear it almost everyday. (wow, that sounds pretty dull.) I have a blue and green and yellow and white kitchen. Here is a little teeny scene from the big blue hutch that sits in our kitchen. Sorry I can't show the whole thing. The rest is full of cookbooks, quilt stuff, kids drawings and other unsightly clutter. This picture sure does look like I have a nice clean house, though, huh?
Green is probably the color I use most in quilting. I've made three quilts with green sashing. Hmm.. make that atleast five where I've used green as the sashing or background or main color. I just love the way green works with other colors and can feel either mellow or vibrant. Here is one of those green background quilts. These house blocks were from an exchange a few years ago.
But the quiz results also that said I like Pop Art colors: orange, aqua, bright pink. Think: parrots, cartoons and jelly beans. I was a little surprised by that. I never think of decorating like that. I don't generally dress like that.

So then I started thinking about how I like different colors in different settings. I like my home peaceful and serene, and I like to dress in a conservative manner: blues and greens.

But I like my garden to be a little more vibrant. I generally pick bright flowers in red, purple, orange and yellow to add to my landscape.
And those pop art colors? Hmm... well, I guess I have found a place for them in my life. My little girlie (seen here rearranging my cupboards) has strawberry blond hair and looks beautiful in orange, aqua and pink.

And I'm in the midst of trying to add to some color to the kids bathroom. This starfish display came to be this week after a trip to Hobby Lobby. This set me back about $14 (on sale) for the shadowbox, $.50 for the paper and $1.75 ish (with coupon) for the starfish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aqua paper in the background against the orange starfish. Soon I will add another shadowbox filled with small shells we found along the Galveston Island, TX beach and some new bright, sherbert colored towels.

Last but not least, here's a picture of one of my most favoritey-est quilts. This might in fact be my one, true favorite, to date. I love the colors. I love the crisp white. I love the whirly gigs. This is probaly more Pop Art than Nature inspired, huh?

So, in the end, I'm realizing that I have lots of favorite colors. It just depends on where I use them. I may lean more towards lush, green, serene landscapes. But I'd like to have a bright, clean, crisp quilt strewn over my lap while I look at that landscape.


ElizabethandJeff said...

That's probably my favorite of the quilts you've made, at least that I've seen in person. It just looks so happy! I was actually thinking about this quilt yesteday.

Julia said...

I love the Whirlygig quilt too!! So bright and cheerful! I really like your house quilt too! I have come to the conclusion that all color is good, just depends on where you put it and how it is used.

Purple and Paisley said...

the whirlygig quilt is gorgeous! and so is your daughter...=)

Jo-Anne said...

I have developed a real appreciation for color after moving to Arizona. It is a state very void of color for most of the year.
I love your quilts. I have a dresden plate quilt top that has the same color scheme as your whirly gigs. Love it!

Your little girl is adorable, by the way! :):):)

Ginger Patches said...

What a great post! You have a beautiful little girl--what a cutie! And I love your garden shots...and that whirli-gig quilt is to die for! Love it!

eileen said...

Erica :) I did not realize this was you. I read your blog every new post, but I don't know if I've signed it lately.
I took that color quiz too, and it turned out the same way.. Pop Art! But like you, I like subtle greens and blues and yellows to decorate the house. I do love red and oranges and purple in quilts though! And your whirligig quilt is VERY much like my favorite one as well. Thanks for these fun color posts. And your little one is more than precious. :)

Michelle said...

I love the whirly gig quilt! Do you remember where you got the pattern? I'd love to know. Please e-mail me at
Thanks in advance!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Everything is so cute. I love the quilts. I love the border on that last quilt. I love white as a "color" it is the backdrop for everything else. White makes other things pretty.

Jackie said...

I absolutely love the flowers in your post! Your daughter is a cutie. The quilts are gorgeous. What is the pattern name of the last quilt, or what book is it in, I just love it and have some perfect fabrics to use up.

Anonymous said...

I love colour too. I try to have plain walls with dashes of bright colours from objects. Maybe I ought to take the quiz too?

Lovely quilts. I'm on Eileen's Summer Stash Challenge too.

Tara said...

I've been thinking a lot about color too as we're planning on what to paint our house, etc. I love greens & blues & yellows, too. I love a lot of colors but those definetly stick out. I love your favorite quilt, too!! We have simliar taste.

Sunny said...

That whirly gig quilt is stunning. I love it. I love all retro looking quilts. This one is so cheery. I think that it is more nature as they look to me almost like posies.

Jen said...

I adore your blog Erica. I haven't been on it for quite awhile, and it was a treat to sit and read it tonight. I miss having you right next door to inspire me daily :)
I am going to have to fire up the sewing machine tomorrow!