Thursday, April 3, 2008

Antique Beauties

This past week I took a trip out to Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas State Park with my sister and our kids. The little kiddos enjoyed seeing a working historical farm full of chickens, cows, and piglets. The bluebonnets are in bloom and the scenery couldn't have been more beautiful.
I stumbled upon a few beautiful quilts there on the beds in the historical farmhouse. Please excuse the poor photography. But hopefully you can appreciate the beauty of these antique quilts.
The history of quilting is part of the allure for me. I love being involved in a process that has been around for centuries. I love thinking that millions of other women have felt the same joy in creating something beautiful out of simple fabric- mostly scraps. I love that quilts are a lasting functional piece of art that has not only brought warmth and comfort to loved ones for centuries, they have also captured a little bit of their creater amongst their stitches. I feel connected with my own ancestors and culture when I see old quilts and when I work in my own home trying to create something of my own. It's a beautiful thing, don't you think?


elizabethreed_ said...

I LOVE that top applique one. If there were a quilt museum near me, I think I would go everyday! I am still trying to get to the one at This is The Place State Park, but it's always closed when I go.

Kathie said...

beautiful antique quilts.
Love the applique quilt on the top, did you by any change get any more pictures of this quilt you could share.
and thanks for visiting my blog

erica e said...

i wish i'd gotten more pictures. these were the last before my camera batteries died. :(