Friday, April 4, 2008

What kind of Quilter am I?

So just to be clear, I'm a completely old-fashioned, untrained (or atleast partly trained by friends and family and then self trained), scrapy, not into the latest and greatest tools, unprofessional type quilter. I love to see all the new patterns, fabric and methods for quilting but I don't feel like they are always neccessary to creating beautiful quilts.
I'm not a perfectionist. My points aren't always sharp and my seams sometimes don't match up. But I like it that way. I could either go crazy trying to create a 'perfect in every particular' quilt or I could enjoy the process.
I don't think there is one way to quilt. I like that there are many different ways to get the same thing done. Just look at all the different ways to make half-square triangles! I often laugh to myself when I hear others go on about the only way to do something.
I like to look at lots of other quilt blogs who amaze and inspire me. I'll readily admit that I'm quite inexperienced in comparison. I'm not going to pretend that I have much to add to the quilting world at this point. So this blog is going to be about my journey as a quilter; about me matching fabrics, trying new quilt blocks and enjoying trying my hand at designing a few patterns for myself.
I'm actually feeling a little bit nervous as I start this blog. I don't want the world to think I'm setting myself up as an expert. I'm not. I'm just a regular gal who likes to quilt.
I made the quilt up top a few years ago for a Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum's Aunt Grace contest. It was a fun one to design and make. I love 30s fabric. Its just so light and cheerful.


elizabethreed_ said...

YEAH!!!! I'm so excited you started this blog. I miss getting together and fabric shopping, exchanging patterns and fabric or sewing with you.

Julie said...

I found your blog from a link to another one I was reading. I can totally identify with your entry on 4-4-08. Sometimes I get so blown away by all the new fabrics, designs, that I have to talk myself down back to my happy little world of fabric collected over the years, thrift store fabric, accepting my unpointy triangles... But it is ok! I love it. I love to look forward to coming home and quilting! I like you blog and am adding it to my favorites.

KSedlak said...

I am new to your blog and just love to see the quilts have made. I have the same philosophy about quilting as you do. I have only been quilting for a year and am so glad I got started. Right now I am in the Jo Morton's little women's club and it is so fun to make little quilts and meet new friends through the world of quilting.
This quilt is very pretty. I love the pattern and fabrics you have chosen.
Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.
Best Regards,