Monday, April 28, 2008

A Big Thanks to Blog World

I just wanted to post real quick about how fun this blogging thing is. I can't believe how much inspiration is out there and how wonderfully easy it is to get positive feedback and share ideas.

I love the show and tell aspect of it all. How fun is it to be able to show off something you are proud of! I can show off my quilts to my husband and kids and they appropriately praise me and my quilts, but I know that fellow quilters can appreciate them a little differently.

I equally love the opportunity to show off something I'm proud of and to get some friendly comments. When I first started this blog (uh, a few weeks ago), I'd check it almost every hour to see if I was getting comments. My husband must have thought I was a little silly to get so excited about each and every comment. I'd giddily run upstairs (he works from home) and tell him I'd gotten another one, who it was from and the nice things they said. Thank you, bloggers!

And now about the inspiration that is out there. Where to begin?! I can (and do) spend hours looking at beautiful quilts made by people from all over the place. And what's more, these people offer suggestions, helpful hints and sometimes free patterns. Another big thanks, bloggers!

While thinking about all the bloggie goodness that is out there, I thought that it might be fun to share some of my favorite finds every once in awhile.

So for today I'm going to start with my three favorite finds from about the past week.

1. This is such a good blog by the sweetest gal named Nanette and her daughters. (I haven't figured out where Freda came from.) They post on a regular basis about QUALITY stuff. I think that Nanette is one of those people that really has the gift of color choice. Check out the cute quilts. One that my sister and I have already committed to make together: I love simple quilts made of squares.

2. Crazy Mom Quilts new quilt along. I have had the priviledge of participating in several quilt alongs with girl friends from my old neighborhood and I LOVE them. I have never participated in an online one but this girl is really tempting me. Look how cute this quilt is! That really sounds fun.

3. And lastly Nicole over at Sister's Choice has really inspired me to get going on a two color quilt. I don't know if she's seriously considering doing some sort of challenge/quilt along but if so, I'm definitely in. I've been thinking about doing a blue and white quilt for about a year or so now and there is a big bare spot on my family room wall that is calling out for a warm, blue and white quilt.

Have a Happy Day, Blog World! Thanks for the inspiration.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Erica you are such a sweetheart. What wonderful things to say about us! I'm astounded. I finally got some time to go down my blog list and bam! What a sweet post to greet me. You know I feel just like you do. I've not been blogging that long either. My girls and I have been reading for quite a while and it is so inspiring to both read, see, and share. Its very rewarding. I've enjoyed each blog friend I've made in this diverse group and I am so happy to consider you a friend!
By the way Freda was-well still is but she's in the big sewing circle in the sky! my mother and I'm just passing the talent she gave me along to my daughters. I have 7 girls I hope to teach and learn from and thats why we call it Freda's hive because we owe it all to her. Anyway you're a dear and its so amazing to share the things we do, isn't it! A very sincere thanks.

Rick & Anna Morrison said...

Hi Erica,

I just love your blog! You have such a great way of expressing yourself through the written word - what a great talent to have, but of course you have many talents. We miss seeing you in the neighborhood and I still call your house Hyrum & Erica's house. But that's beside getting off the subject. The real reason for my comment is to tell you how adorable the star pillow you made is! I would love the pattern! Also, thanks for posting those links in your blog from Monday. It was fun to check them out. I loved the mosaic tiles quilt picture in one of the links - I bookmarked that so that I can make that quilt from my scraps - I really love scrappy quilts. I also loved the quilt-along link - that's such a fun idea and I think I'll try quilting along with her to make that quilt.

Thanks again! Have a wonderful day and know that you are missed!

Vivian Love said...

I know what you mean. I'm inspired by the blogosphere too. Have a great weekend! I enjoy your blog...keep it up!
Vivian Love

Nicole said...

I am so happy that you are joining in the two color quilt challenge! Your blue and white quilt is going to inspire so many people as you work along on it! Welcome to the world of blogging. You will have dozens of new friends before you know what happened.