Tuesday, April 8, 2008

something else

This week I've been doing something a little bit different. Awhile back I saw the cutest little red ticking star shaped pillow in a pricey home decor store. I was really tempted to get it for my little boy's room but my friend who I was with said, "no, you could make that easy." so i passed and its been in my mind ever since. so this week i bought some blue striped ticking and have starts pillow making. the star one is still unmade but i'm pretty happy with how this other one went together. this is essentially a quilt block with piping and a back with an opening in the middle (to insert pillow form). second time around i would make it to fit a little more snugly. very potterybarn-ish i think. and i like pottery barn. i made it for my little boy's room but i think it may just stay in our family room for awhile. he can enjoy it here too. :) this was a fun project to start and complete in a few hours. once i get a better hang of this technology stuff i'll put a pattern for this pillow on here.


Rick & Anna Morrison said...

Hi Erica,

I love that pillow - it is very pottery barn-ish and very very well done! Glad to see things are going well in Texas. I'm excited to read your blog and I will check back often. You should post more pictures of all of your other works-in-progress too!
--Anna :)

Paul said...

I agree with Anna. I'd like to see what Halloween fabric you like, since it rarely jumps out at me. Sent you something in the mail, hope it comes soon. Miss you! Kristin

AmyF said...

Hey Erica! I'm excited about your blog! Thanks for sharing your great and inspiring thoughts about quilting and life via quilting. You are full of wisdom, Erica, and it's so fun to read your ideas. Love you, Amy.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow thats stunning. I like it.

Kathie said...

great pillow
LOVE the way you made it so graphic, yes it is pottery barnish for sure!